Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Step 10: Engineers report

This is something you do not need to do, but our experience has shown it is vital you do.

An engineers report is where you hire an engineer to check the property you are going to buy. They give it a thorough run through and also check the property matches the planning application.

We had been told this was going to cost us between €400 and €650 euro, but when we actually called up a guy he did it for €200 and has done an excellent job. (If you need on in the Galway area contact me and I will send you details).

Anyhow - our experience is a bit crap.

Yesterday the engineer rang to let us know he did the report and it was in the post. Apparently the planning laws for large parts of Galway and the West tie new builds to a clause where they must be owner occupied for a number of years (in our case 10). As the house we want to buy is not that old we can't simply buy it. Instead the seller would have to sort it out that they can sell it. So - the relatively smal expense of getting an engineers report meant we saved a hell of a lot of costs later, and so have withdrawn our offer.

There were also some other details which didn't match the planing application so all in all I would highly, highly recommend getting an engineers report.


Anonymous said...

Can I have contact to the engineer?
I have found interesting house and I need professional opinion.
Thank you for your help

Unknown said...


Could you please send on the details of the engineer you found to do your report?

Many Thanks,


Moving West said...

Angie - leave your email address in a comment and I will send them on. (I will not publish the comment).


Kalilileth said...
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Kalilileth said...

i am also looking for an engineers report and would be grateful for contact details. Thankyou.

Moving West said...

Kalilileth - please add your contact details (email) to a comment. I will no t publish, but need them to send you details.

Anonymous said...

Hi Do you still have contact details of this engineer?

Moving West said...

I still have the details and can send on. Please make a comment with your email and I will send to you and not publish the comment.