Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Change all your own addresses, and forward your mail

When you buy your house, and move down to Galwya you are on cloud nine, but there are a million things to be done. Over the next while I am going to list them all.

The first is to change the addresses on all the mail you recieve. Here is a list of some you may need to change:

  • Bank account
  • Driving license
  • Car tax/registration
  • Car insurance
  • Friends - your Christmas card list
  • Tax office
  • AA

We decided to take the safe route and used An Post's redirection service. It lasts for 3 months and they will forward all your mail to your new address. Here are the costs from An Posts website today:

Residential In Ireland (fee per redirection)
Up to 3 months

Up to 6 months

Up to 12 months

You can check their latest prices here :

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